As the year 2017 moves forward, there is one country that will be celebrating a special anniversary this year: Canada. Indeed, the year 2017 marks the 150th birthday for this nation located in the northern part of North America and the country should be in full swing with celebrations before it even celebrates Canada Day on July 1st this summer.

    To commemorate this event, House of Serendipity CA will be sharing some highlights throughout the year as to what makes this nation so special. After all, we are a business that is based in Toronto, Canada. So, we hope that you will come along and join us on this journey as we bring you the many sights and sounds seen around town as we take a look at how Canada and Canadians will be celebrating its 150th birthday this year.

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To start things off, here are some fun facts and highlights about Canada.

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world and has a geographical area of approximately 9.98 million square kilometers.
  • It has a population between 35 to 36 million poeple.
  • It is a bilingual country and its two official languages are English and French.
  • The official currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar.
  • Canada is made up of provinces and territories, which is the equivalent of the states in the United States.  
  • The capital city of Canada is Ottawa and it is located in the province of Ontario.
  • The provinces and territories that make up Canada are as follows:


        The West Coast/Western Canada:

               - Alberta

              - British Columbia

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      Central Canada

                   - Manitoba

                   - Saskatchewan        


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       Northern Canada

                   - Northwest Territories

                   - Nunavut      

                   - Yukon      


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        Eastern Canada/Central Canada                   

                      - Ontario  

                      - Quebec


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        The East Coast/Atlantic Canada

                     - New Brunswick

                   - Newfoundland and Labrador

                   - Nova Scotia 

                   - Prince Edward Island

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        Northern Canada - The Islands

       Canada also has some islands that are located in the northern uppermost     

       or arctic region of Canada. Victoria Island and Banks Island are just a few of  


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  • Yes, we do love our ice hockey. To that end, Saturday nights are particularly special as that is when CBC's popular "Hockey Night in Canada" airs on television. Now, all we are hoping for is for a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup again!