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    As the nation of Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year in 2017, the country has been honoring the occasion in both small and big ways as well as in many different ways. Many cities and towns have taken to celebrating Canada's birthday in various ways and so have many stores and companies.

    Today, we are revealing how a popular coffee shop in Canada known as Second Cup Coffee Co. is marking Canada's 150th anniversary. We will also show how we recently experienced a memorable moment at this coffee shop.

    However, first here are some basic fun facts about Second Cup Coffee Co. Second Cup Coffee Co. was first established in Canada in August 1975 and it initially sold six types of specialty coffee beans at its store. However, by the late 1980's they had experienced a significant amount of expansion and had opened about 130 cafes in Canada. 

    The 1990's was also significant for the company because they expanded their business into the province of Quebec and opened their first two coffee shops in the city of Montreal. Now known as a Canadian specialty coffee retailer, it  currently operates over 300 cafes in the country. Along the way, they have also expanded their product offerings to include blended beverages, espresso-based drinks and iced drinks.

     It was on this note recently that we were able to experience a special moment at this cafe. On a recent trip to a shopping mall in the city, we found ourselves a little bit tired, somewhat famished and definitely more than a little thirsty after an extended hike around the mall. As we stepped onto the escalator that would take us to the second floor of the shopping mall, a welcome sight came into our eyes.

    Second Cup Coffee had set up shop on the second floor. Aside from the actual cafe, they also had made arrangements for plenty of seating outside the cafe. As we strode up to the store, we could see by the various banners posted near the store that iced beverages and cold drinks were now available. This raised our hopes as these drinks are sometimes only seasonally available. Fortunately, now the weather was warm enough for the cafes to start serving cold drinks to their customers. We also had gotten enough exercise for the day to know that an iced beverage would be required to quench our thirst.

    As we formed a line in front of the counter to place our order, our mind was on an iced cappuccino drink. Why you ask? It may be our favorite drink, but places that serve iced cappuccino can be notoriously difficult to find. So, we were cautiously optimistic as we asked the store staff if they served iced cappuccinos.

    They didn't. Our faces momentarily fell, but fortunately for us the store manager was there and he was there to save the day. He made us an offer that we couldn't refuse. He suggested that instead of an iced cappuccino, he would offer us a drink called the Espresso Frappe. It was actually very similar to an iced cappuccino, he said, and would be a great drink to try. Having nothing to lose, we said yes and accepted the offer. Were we ever glad that we did! 

    As we waited for our drinks to be prepared, we wandered around the store and noticed that Second Cup Coffee Co. had decided to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday with a special coffee cup. They have desgined and created a new Canada 150 cup which features some artwork by Canadian artist John Coburn. A red cup that depicts various Canadian landscapes and events, this cup is a  perfect way to mark what makes this nation so special.

    Meanwhile, our drinks had been prepared and we took a cautious sip of the Espresso Frappe. Our faces immediately lit up. This drink was very similar to an iced cappuccino and was a delicious drink on its own. Breathing a sigh of happiness, we thanked the store manager for his choice and assistance. As we sat down at our table to contentedly consume our drink, we couldn't help but think that the day couldn't have turned out any better. Indeed, it was another perfect Canadian way to spend the day.